Vampires and Zombies

Vampires and Zombies– they are all dying to work with Crawford Media Services and EDnet!

Both The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries are shooting in Georgia, but just a little too far from Atlanta for a stagger in to do ADR over the undead’s lunch hour– and you know how much they hate to eat late!

Rural Senoia, where they shoot The Walking Dead, is more than 50 miles from Crawford Studios and The Vampire Diaries, which shoots in Decatur, is about 20 miles away, as flies the… well, you know.

So Greg Crawford, Manager of Audio Services at the eponymous firm, has set up both location shoot sites with high quality audio communications from EDnet back to Crawford’s studios in Druid Hills– Oh, riiight, Druid Hills… you just can’t make this stuff up– as well as to Warner Brothers and Technicolor .

Now an undead actor on location can have craft services carrion or a refreshing glass of O-positive and still get their ADR done before the afternoon shoot begins. Dim the lights for the Vampires, please, and tell those Walkers to drag their sorry body-parts back to the set!

Crawford Media Services has been a loyal and enthusiastic EDnet client for almost two decades, and Greg says: “Bring out your undead” . You can find Crawford Media Services on that modern Internet thing. Click here to see their cool new website.

Season 5 of The Walking Dead came stumping onto your TV in October on AMC and Season 6 of Vampire Diaries is flying (well, through the cable) to you via The CW.

Please note: No werewolves were injured in the making of this story (yet).