Can EDnet provide bridging services between more than two studios?

  • Yes, we can provide two, three, and four way bridging services. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

When is a bridge necessary? When going between incompatible systems. Incompatibilities include:

  • Source Connect to anything ISDN.
  • Dolby Fax to anything else. There is one not-particularly-useful exception: Dolby 503/524 in L2 mode can connect to some MPEG units over one B channel (64K) call, though the fidelitywill be “AM radio” quality.
  • APT to anything other than APT, Suprima, or Mayah.
  • Zephyrs, Suprimas, Road Warriors, Road Runners, Primas, CDQ2000/ CDQ2001, Mayah, Audio TX, and Prodys Prontos are mostly compatible between one another. The main exceptions are the Suprima/ Road Warrior/ Pronto family cannot connect to the CDQ2000/2001 family, and most codecs from differing manufacturers cannot connect to one another in AAC modes.