APT codecs

Pro Link:

  1. APT ProLink systems: boot up order is important to these older systems. From all-boxes-off, they should be booted in the following order: Audio section, wait for the VU meters to turn off, NT-1s (if off)—wait for them to stabilize into a slow-blink pattern, then the Pro Link.
  2. If you’re running version 1.11 software, and have a difficult time initializing the b1 positions to a Ready condition, you can force a Ready by hitting dial, enter, esc in quick succession. If you’re running 1.14 software, turn the ProLink off, leave it off for ~3 minutes, and then turn back on.
  3. One side is receiving a full-scale squeal: check that time code settings match on both sides of the connection.
  4. No audio is passing although ProLink’s display looks stable: check that both sides are in the same audio mode (either stereo or dual destination).


  1. Check that the “algorithm” and “audio mode” settings match on both units.
  2. In standard aptx-16 mode, make sure the autosync parameter is set to “OFF”.
  3. For SMPTE enabled sessions, make sure both units are set to “AUX R / TC Left” in the embedded data section, and that timecode is enabled and Normal.