Tech Support

All Codecs:

  1. Have you rebooted the boxes on both ends yet? This typically solves over half of all connection issues, and is a surprisingly overlooked piece of troubleshooting. Just because your box recently had a successful session, this does not have any bearing on if your next session will be successful.
  2. Try unplugging the ISDN from the codec for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. If you have an external NT1, try rebooting it as well.
  3. “Underwater” audio, chirps, squeals, drop outs: these are typically caused by either data errors on the long distance connection or by errors on one of the two local connections. Reversing the dialing direction sometimes helps, but if the problem is on one of the users’ local end it may be impossible to route around this.
  4. Forcing your calls over a different long distance carrier might help if your normal carrier is having trouble. This is done by pre-fixing 1010 and a company specific three digit code, 1010 222 (MCI/Verizon business), 1010 333 (Sprint), or 1010 288 (AT&T) before the 1+(area code)+ 7 digit local number. Ex: 1010 333 1 415 646 8542 would place a call into EDnet’s tech support number over Sprint. Note: these calls may NOT connect if the LD carrier in question decides to not carry the call. AT&T typically are more restrictive than either Sprint or MCI.