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The Suprima is a versatile, multi-network audio codec which can utilize many different industry standard types of communication networks to transport studio quality audio. Suprima supports the most popular coding algorithms, including G.711, G.722, MPEG1/2 Layer II with MUSICAM enhancement, MPEG1/2 Layer III, MPEG2/4 AAC LC and MPEG4 LD and apt-X™ as well as bidirectional uncompressed linear audio transmission over IP through its standard Ethernet 10/100 port.



(Pre-owned Units Available)
DolbyFax™, though no longer manufactured, is still the longtime favorite of the Film and Television community. While earlier DolbyFax units use only the Dolby AC-2 algorithm, the DP503/524 codecs feature multiple algorithms AC-2 in stereo and mono, AC-3 two channel, and even MPEG Layer 2. Th DP503 has integrated front panel control and an internal speed-dial directory for use with Ascend terminal adapters. The DolbyFax generally requires only two ISDN BRI lines for standard AC-2 256Kbit operation, delivering two 20kHz discrete audio channels in each direction! The basic DolbyFax setup is a DP503 Encoder, DP524 Decoder, Ascend Terminal Adapter, and Ascend hand-held terminal for diagnostics and maintenance. Typical DolbyFax applications are ADR, long distance session supervision, mix approvals, music overdubs, and sound design collaboration.


Zephyr Xstream ISDN Codec

(Both New and Pre-owned Units Available)
The Telos Zephyr is the best-loved broadcast codec in the world, and for good reason: This codec saves you time and money. A Zephyr Xstream at your studio becomes a “universal codec,” connecting with very many popular ISDN codecs for full-duplex, 20kHz stereo audio. Using ISDN you can transmit and receive two mono channels to and from separate locations, even transmit and decode streaming AAC and MP3 audio over Ethernet. In the field, the Zephyr Xstream is a powerful remote tool, with intuitive step-by-step operation, context sensitive help, and a simple user interface that eases operation for non-technical personnel. The Telos Zephyr pioneered the concept of the ISDN codec — which is why you’ll find more Zephyrs in studios and remote kits around the world than any other codec.