Membership Services


As an EDnet Affiliate, you will be joining a network of hundreds of recording studios, post-production houses and voice-over talent!

Affiliate benefits can include:

  • EDnet provides hardware recommendations on audio equipment
  • EDnet procures, assembles and tests all equipment before delivery, loaner gear (if purchase of EDnet equipment) for repaired period.
  • EDnet orders the installation of your ISDN lines & trouble shoots with the phone company (non-equipment sales incur a one-time ISDN ordering fee)
  • EDnet offers 24×7 maintenance, engineering & technical support (Non-Affiliates are billed at $100/half hour.)
  • no bridge fee between two affiliate studios, only transmission costs for each side, discounted bridging with non affiliate and associates.
  • listing  in the EDnet Affiliates database & on the ednet website for future referrals & promotions.


ISDN Support Membership

  • Membership Program at $50/month( first year membership of 600.00 in advance ), that allow us to continue to provide 24 by 7 technical support and discounts for our Bridging Services, regardless of how few calls an Affiliate actually makes. The membership fee, after the first year, will be billed monthly along with the pass-through of the basic ISDN line connection charges, including taxes, and the $8.82 per line long distance provider’s NAF pic charge.  Any long distance calls that you place will continue to be billed separately according to rate chart pricing.


Equipment Purchase and Support

  • Purchase of equipment from ISDN means all equipment is tested and configured before delivery.  EDnet will also broker any repairs of warranted and non-warranted equipment with manufacture.   EDnet will provide Standard Overnight Delivery on loaner equipment (dependent on availability, will not always be same codec type).  Client is responsible for Ground return of equipment.



Equipment Provided

ASSOCIATE members may have already purchased both audio and telecommunications equipment.  If not . . .

  • EDnet will be happy to recommend the appropriate equipment for the networking applications anticipated by the ASSOCIATE. As a distributor and/or value-added reseller for many different manufacturers of audio, video, and telecommunications equipment, EDnet can effectively facilitate the procurement of all necessary equipment.
  • EDnet will procure, assemble, and test the above equipment before delivery to ASSOCIATE. Expansion is possible with additional subsequent interface, encode, decode, or machine control devices which may also be purchased through EDnet.


Services Provided

  • Access to a toll-free 800 number for scheduling sessions through EDlink™, the bridge to studios with various different audio codecs, and to EDnet’s Network AFFILIATES.
  • National and international promotion of the Network and each of it’s AFFILIATE and ASSOCIATE members.
  • Engineering and technical assistance in the installation and maintenance of your network site. * with the exception of equipment we do not support of sell.
  • Discount on Bridging Services
  • Discount on rentals and purchase of equipment for replacement or repair.


Services Not Provided

  • Telecommunications Connections: ISDN lines configured as a digital “local loop” connection from ASSOCIATE’S site to the local point of presence (POP) of the long distance carrier.  ASSOCIATE will need to make the necessary arrangements with its local services provider for this service or hire EDnet to do the same
  • Installation: There will be a one time fee from ASSOCIATE’S local services provider for the networking configuration, test, and installation.  This fee covers the cost of the local phone service installation up to your facility’s “premise demarc”.  This fee might not include the internal wiring necessary to bring the jack to the desired interior destination, as determined by ASSOCIATE’S own engineering staff.
  • Ongoing trouble shooting of connectivity problems with local and long distance service providers.
  • Equipment replacement or Loaners – if equipment was not provided (purchased from EDnet)


Term and Fees

  • The term of the agreement for EDnet ASSOCIATE Network Membership will be renewable on a year to year
  • ASSOCIATE Network Fees: EDnet will charge $600 per year for the services described above.
  • Bridging: Discounted on rates for EDlink™ bridging as shown for “non-affiliates” on EDnet’s complete price list.  As an ASSOCIATE, these rates will also include all of the line transmission costs. Of course, other usage between ASSOCIATE and similarly equipped studios will continue to be billed directly from the local service provider and the ASSOCIATE’S selected long distance carrier.


Payment for EDnet Services

  • ASSOCIATE membership fees will be billed yearly in advance, and any EDlink™ connect charges will be billed on a weekly basis. Payment in full for such invoices shall be due within twenty (20) days of receipt of such invoice.


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