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Virtual ISDN (vISDN)


vISDN is a great option for anyone who:

  • is paying too much for ISDN service from their local telco
  • has their ISDN service cut off by their existing local or long-distance provider
  • needs to travel with ISDN
  • needs to switch their facility or network to IP.
  • needs to save on capital costs by not reinvesting in equipment.
  • needs to keep existing workflows intact.


How does it work?

  • vISDN gives ISDN codec users the ability to continue using their existing ISDN codecs over IP. It simulates an ISDN connection to the codec and creates IP pathways to connect to other vISDN users as well as codecs on true ISDN circuits.
  • Each single rack space vISDN unit is delivered to the customer which provides up to two ISDN BRI connections for two traditional ISDN audio codecs using standard “S” interfaces and ETS300 switch types.
  • vISDN users are provided with new SPIDs so they can receive inbound calls from the Public Switch Telephone Network and, of course, make outbound calls to the PSTN both as ISDN/data as well as voice.
  • vISDN is directly compatible with Telos, Mayah, AEQ, Prodys, and Musicam codecs. Musicam “Prima” codecs require the TA201 card for direct compatibility.  Other ISDN codecs may be supported in future releases using only “U” interfaces and other switch types can be made compatible with additional hardware  

More about vISDN

  • The customer can connect one or two separate internet connections to the CPE providing it with access via the public internet connections to the customers ISDN line.
  • The internet connections to the CPE can be provided in any of the following configurations:
  • Single internet service using DHCP addressing on a single ethernet connection.
  • Dual internet service using DHCP addressing via two separate ethernet connections
  • Single internet service using static addressing on a single ethernet connection.
  • Dual internet service using static addressing on two separate ethernet connections.
  • Dual internet service using static addressing on a single ethernet connection.
  • No network ports are required to be opened or forwarded from the WAN side of the customers NAT to the vISDN CPE inside the NAT.
  • All connections are established to the vISDN servers and no peer to peer connections are established.
  • For a 128kbps call on a BRI port, vISDN uses between 200-500kbps upload and download bandwidth.
  • Using a set of key pad “dial” commands made from the attached ISDN codec, users can enter the vISDN system’s IP and “latency/buffer settings.


It is important to note:

  • vISDN is not a bridge, audio is directly encoded and decoded by the dialed codecs and there is no transcoding or secondary codecs used.
  • vISDN is a true ISDN/BRI circuit extended to the customer via internet access.


EDnet/vISDN Pricing (MPEG)

  • 1-year commitment
  • $1200 setup (this will be lowered with longer commitment)
  • $150 per month per circuit (including taxes and fees) each circuit comes with 2 virtual SPIDs so other sites can dial standard inbound ISDN calls into users vISDN
  • lower per minute per line US domestic long-distance usage than ISDN (estimate is half our current per minute rate)


Please direct all inquiries to EDnet – 1-800 933 3638 –

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