Have you ever had to record a commercial spot where the producer’s in New York, the talent’s in Los Angeles, and the client’s in Chicago?

That’s why EDnet was created.
Think of it as the longest patch cord on the planet. Instead of having talent in one studio and a producer halfway across the country listening in via phone patch and hoping the tapes that will arrive the next day won’t expose an unwanted nuance that was inaudible on the phone patch. EDnet’s audio products gives you full production quality mono and stereo audio transmission via high speed data circuits between the studios. Live, in realtime. No more waiting for overnight tape delivery — one can record talent from 6,000 miles away, just as if they were in the booth.

How does this all work? EDnet provides a vertically integrated solution comprised of hardware audio codecs which digitize, encode, transmit and then decode the audio signal on the remote end, taking advantage of psychoacoustic principles to send full quality audio over commonly available ISDN data circuits. In over 8 years of operation, we’ve built an affiliate base of over 700 post facilities, film studios, voiceover home studios, and commercial recording facilities, with dozens of sessions happening each day over the “EDnet.”

EDnet’s affiliate program lets us take care of provisioning the data circuits as well as helping you get up and running as soon as possible by providing concise startup guides and personal installation support. Once you’ve been turned up, EDnet provides round-the-clock technical support on everything from the hardware to the network connection — any problem at all, and we’ll handle it, from overnight hardware replacement to telco circuit troubleshooting. We’ll also market your studio to our other affiliates and feature your studio on our web site, as well as provide discounted eLink time. (eLink allows studios with incompatible codecs connect with each other through our transcoding facility.) Of course, if you just want to buy a box, we can do that too.

We offer a number of solutions at various price points and quality levels, from a low cost system suitable for voiceover talent to multi-channel audio plus timecode and machine-control suitable for multitrack sessions and film studios. Take a look around and get in touch — we’ll devise the best solution for your particular needs